Sunday, March 2, 2008

Nana's Happy Hat

One of the quickest ways to satisfaction is to make a hat. I made this hat in a couple of days (a few hours while watching television). I am liking how it turned out, except I may work on the buckle a little more. This is the first time I worked with a bamboo yarn, and it is so soft and luxurious. I just find it amazing that this came from sticks. I bought this pattern from The Crochet Side. It was easy to follow.


  1. K--

    Fantastic! I purchased some of the Bernat Bamboo (I loooove bamboo yarn), yet haven't had a chance to work with any of it. How was it when working the pattern?


  2. B--

    I really enjoyed working with the Bernat Bamboo. It was so soft and really quite easy to work with.