Friday, August 15, 2008

The Beginning of the Mitered Blanket

When I finished the Pink & Green Elephant, I started making these squares. I visited the Going-Out-of-Business Sale for FiberWorks Knitting & Weaving in Toledo, OH, and picked up quite a few skeins of yarn to get me started. I plan on this blanket taking me quite a while to knit because I plan on doing other projects at the same time.

Here is the yarn (all in DK weight) I'm using so far:
Debbie Bliss Cathay (Cotton, Viscose Microfiber & Silk)- gold
Debbie Bliss Cathay - white
Louet Gems (Merino Wool) - Fern Green
Karabella Margrite (Merino & Cashmere) - Deep Berry Red
Berroco Comfort DK (Nylon & Acrylic) - Turquoise
Classic Elite Wool Bam Boo (Wool & Bamboo) - Forest Green

I've found a mitered square blanket that was designed in sets of 3, and I'm thinking of using that configuration, instead of the set of 4, like I have in the picture. Once I've knitted enough squares, I'll lay them out and show you a picture of what I mean.

Let me know what colors you can envision me adding.

Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Pink & Green Elephante

This cute little elephant is what I worked on while driving north, south & west. I knitted this whenever I had a few moments to myself in the midst of touring houses and selecting flooring and lighting. This elephant saved my sanity.

I think it is going to be the perfect gift for a little girl who collects elephants and whose room is decorated in pink and green. I found this pattern on Ravelry, and it was fairly easy to follow. The yarn was Caron Simply Soft for the pink and leftover mystery yarn for the green. I would definitely make this pattern again. BTW, while I was knitting this one, my niece came up to me and wanted one for herself. I thought this was the ultimate compliment on my knitting. I'm sure that my niece will either get one from me or her knitting grandma.

Monday, August 11, 2008

Poodle Princess

I'm finally had time to catch up on my blogging. All this week I'll be posting to let you know what I did during July. July was my month of trips. This poodle was the first project that I finished near the beginning of July. I have a friend with 3 daughters, and I making each of these girls an animal. The poodle was the first. I used a pattern off of the Lion Brand Yarn website. The pattern called for Lion Brand Ruffles Yarn. Unfortunately, they do not have Ruffles in pink, and my client really needed a pink poodle. So I improvised the ruffle. My inner perfectionist isn't sure about the ruffle, but overall I think the poodle is cute.

Friday, August 8, 2008

Mitered Square Blanket

We've been in and out of town for most of July because my husband's job is relocating us, and a couple of short vacations. The good news is that we found a house and I've started one a Mitered Square Blanket to soothe my nerves. The above picture is just an example; I didn't knit that one. I'm still picking colors, but I got enough to start. I have used gold, white, a deep red, a deep green, a sage green and a turquoise. I would like to add several greens and reds and whatever else strikes my fancy. I want to make it as large as a queen size comforter or about 90 x 90 inches. This will probably take me forever. I'll keep you posted on my progress.