Saturday, March 29, 2008

My Yarnin Story

Once upon a time ... oh, nevermind. I was going to spin a good yarn, but maybe I'll just stick to the facts ...

My mom taught me to crochet when I was 12 and then again several times over the years. For many years, I made blanket after blanket and maybe a couple of scarves. Over the years, I got married and had 2 kids.

During my second round of postpartum depression & anxiety, I was looking for something to recharge my batteries and calm my mind. I had always wanted to learn to knit so I took a class at AC Moore. The class taught me to throw, but I had a horrible time controlling tension so I switched the yarn to my left hand. It just came so natural to me.

From that first lesson, I knew that I found something. I have knit almost every day for the past 3 1/2 years. It relaxes my anxiety and slows my thoughts to a rate in which I can process them. Knitting has helped me to process traumatic memories, and it has helped me to pray for my mom while she was going through chemotherapy. Knitting has challenged my mind with mathematical skills that I thought pregnancy might have killed. Knitters have welcomed me to sit down and chat. They have explained patterns and taught me how to fix mistakes. Knitting has opened my creativity, my problem solving, a few mathematical skills, and I think it is just the most wonderful discovery.

I wish I could put into words how knitting has calmed my anxiety. It helps me to think or not think, based upon what I need. I now have an outlet to express creativity and problem solving.
The rhythm of the needles can encourage a state of meditation or prayer. All of this and I get great clothes and accessories too.

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  1. It is so awesome that you have that outlet and that knitting provides all of those things for you!