Saturday, February 9, 2008

New Willow Cardigan

After much consideration, I have realized that the pattern I chose wasn't really what I wanted, even after I tried to modify it. I made some mistakes, like knitting 11 inch arm holes instead of 9 inch ones, but my gauge was what was called for in the pattern. I just don't think the pattern had the appropriate shape, and I made it a size too large. I have ripped out the other sweater, and I have chosen a new pattern (Thank you ravelry.) Last night I cast on the back panel. I'm hoping this works out. I am knitting a medium, instead of a large, but I am going to try to hold it up to my figure a little more often to avoid ripping out an entire sweater. I guess I'm in good company on that one. I think I have read about the Yarn Harlot ripping out entire sweaters. The new pattern is Berroco's Gretta.

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