Thursday, February 21, 2008

Life and the effects it has on my Knitting

In the last 3 weeks, I have planned a baby shower and a birthday party.  I have had my in-laws down for a great visit.  Then this past week, the migraines hit.  All of this has had effects on my knitting.  Since all of this has affected my anxiety levels, it affects my knitting.  Knitting soothes my anxiety so I must knit to calm the savage beast, which rages inside my head.  At first I took it out on my willow sweater.  I analyzed and then frogged the whole thing, rolling the yarn into nice squishy balls.  I found a new pattern and I've knit the back and sides.  I've started on the sleeves.  I've bought a few books to add to my library, and I've been planning future knitting.  

My daughter, the lover of all dresses, has requested a pretty pink dress to replace the skirt that she has outgrown, and I passed on to cousins.  I've had some KnitPicks Shadow in my stash, and I've been looking for wrap / shawl patterns for it.  

Well, this is when the migraines hit, and I needed to knit to distract me, but I wasn't really capable of any complex mathematical skills or the fit concerns.  So I got out some cotton and crocheted a dishcloth, and then I started to knit a swatch from a stitch dictionary.  Pictures to follow.

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