Saturday, December 29, 2007

Knitting Vacation

You know you're a knitter when ... you pack your knitting (at least 3 projects) and prepare a special bag just for your knitting, and it gets preferential treatment to the other bags packed for vacation.

I'm currently on vacation and I brought 3 projects. I am knitting another cardigan sweater in Willow green. It is just a very simple stockinette with ribbed bands around the edges. Also I brought some yarn to make a scarf and my brown & turquoise faux cable sweater.

So far, I knit all of the yarn I have with me for the willow cardigan. I am starting on the scarf, and then if I finish it, I will work on the other sweater.

Of course, we went yarn shopping, but the LYS was closed for the Holidays so we ended up at Michael's. We bought yarn for a bolero for my SIL. It is a crochet project, and I am very interested to see how it turns out. We just chose Simply Soft and I've used this for blankets, but not for garments. I think that the acrylics of today have great improved over the acrylics of yesterday. This project could prove me right or wrong.

BTW I have pictures to post when I get home. :-)

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