Monday, February 16, 2009

Blogs & Sickness

I guess a month with an infected tooth really depletes the immune system. My immune system just keeps getting kicked to the curb. I wash and wash and wash my hands, but I also cuddle and clean up after my sick kids, and according to my Germ Guru, this exposes me to lots of germs. So I'm washing my hands, disinfecting the house, taking my vitamins, eating well when I have an appetite, drinking lots of clear liquids, and resting as much as possible.

Unfortunately, for those of you that actually read this blog (Are there really any of you out there?) I haven't been very consistent with making entries. I wanted to let you know that I do have some ideas for blogs, but while being sick, they seem to only come out one line at a time. My goal is to post blogs on Monday, Wednesday & Friday, so if I'm going to post, I'll post on these days with the ultimate goal that I'll post every Monday, Wednesday & Friday.

Please say hi if you're out there?


  1. Hi Kimberly, I'm here! I hope you feel better soon...can't wait for spring!

  2. yup I read this one too.

  3. I always read your blogs, and I enjoy the pictures too!