Friday, June 20, 2008

Yarn Purchases

Yarn can get really expensive, but there are ways to bargain hunt for yarn. Usually yarn will go on sale at some point between January and March. This is when stores are trying to clear out their cold weather yarns for warmer weather yarns. I've found a few websites that have quality yarns for good prices. I have not bought from all of these, but I have found them to have good reputations from friends.

Knit Picks - Sells only their own brand of yarn. It is good quality for a fair price. I love their podcast.
Elann - Great Discounts if you know what you want.
Webs - Has a local store in addition to the on-line one; Great discounts when buying in quantity.
Discount Yarn Sale - Great Discounts, but must buy a whole bag.

I like these on-line sources, but I think it is important to support local yarn shops. Local yarn shops may be more expensive, but they do allow us to touch and feel yarn. They are great resources to learn about yarn as well as to take classes to learn new yarnin skills.

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