Tuesday, November 6, 2007

Coming out of Knitting Hibernation

Last Winter I started a cardigan, and I worked on it throughout the Winter & Spring. When the weather became hot, then the warm alpaca sweater was just too warm to knit. So I put it in hibernation. Now that it is finally gotten cool, I broke it out today.

The cardigan was on the cover of knitsimple Fall 2006, and I am knitting with a beautiful deep rust Berroco Ultra Alpaca. The whole cardigan is a simple cable, and it has really helped me to overcome cable intimidation. Cables aren't that difficult to learn, but I think it takes a little practice for them to become routine. If a sweater is too much, then pick a pattern from a stitch dictionary and make a scarf or even a dish cloth.

BTW, dish cloths or wash cloths are great ways to learn new stitches.

Back to the sweater, I'm finishing up the second sleeve. Then I only need to sew the pieces and add the collar. Finishing takes patience so I'll post more when I get to it.

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